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Ready for Tooling and Injection Molding?

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How to make sure your Bill of Materials is the BOM!

A bill of materials, or BOM, is a detailed list of the basic materials, parts, and components needed to manufacture and assemble your product. It also may contain instructions for purchasing and using these materials....
Prototype Testing Title

Validating Product Ideas Part 2: Testing Your Solutions

  Prototype testing should be an ongoing process during the development phase.  The first prototype should rarely be the last. Before we get started, let’s answer a stupid question:  Why test a prototype? To refine...

How to Fund Your Startup or Small Business

In our 25 years in the Injection Molding industry in Texas, we have worked with many entrepreneurs with incredible ideas that just never got off the ground. Ultimately, lack of funding and planning was the biggest...

Set SMART Goals

Bringing an idea to life takes a lot of hard work.  As we all know with New Year’s resolutions, setting goals is the easy part.  Setting SMART goals which ARE going to be accomplished is the difference between success...


When it comes to your BOM, sometimes you have to get granular, and knowing the difference between the following two types will be crucial to a successful manufacturing process. Engineering Bill of Materials, or EBOM An...

SPI Mold Finish Guide and Guidelines

Today let’s take a look at the SPI mold finish guide and guidelines, so you can understand why they’re important and what their limitations are. This, of course, is just a primer. You need to discuss SPI mold polish...

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