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Hi! We are Terry, Judy and Sean Post of Aire Plastics, a family owned plastics manufacturer located right here in La Vernia, Texas.

We began over 25 years ago as a small shop operating out of a garage.  Our success and growth has come by focusing on people like you, the customer.

Through the years we have learned how to design and make products consistently with personalized, courteous service in every step.  Doing things the right way isn’t always easy but when a product goes out the door, it’s worth it.

Here at Aire Plastics we are experts at streamlining the process of creating your product.  We can walk you through product design, tool creation, production, assembly and packaging.  Our experience saves you time and gets you where you want to be with minimum hassle.


Call or write us today, I’m sure that we have a Plastics Manufacturing Solution that is right for you.

Essential Manufacturing Terms

Learning and using manufacturing terms is important for product developers to define processes.  In manufacturing, process is the road-map to keeping the promises we are making to potential customers:  delivering...
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Validating Product Ideas Part 2: Testing Your Solutions

Testing prototypes should be an ongoing process during the development phase.  The first prototype should rarely be the last. Before we get started, let’s answer a stupid question:  Why test a prototype? To refine...
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Top 5 Product Development Mistakes to Avoid

Turning an idea into a real, mass-produced product can take anywhere from 6 months to 2 years and can be very costly.  For this reason, we’ve made a list of top product development mistakes to avoid.  Avoiding common...
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Guide to Building a Duct Tape Prototype

After interviewing potential customers and doing Problem Research you are ready to move on to Solution Research where you can show potential customers your product mock-ups, 3D models and your first prototypes to get...
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Validating Your Product Ideas: Recommended Reading

I’ve been listening to Patt Flynn’s podcast now for over a year.  Although, I don’t have an online business per say, I have definitely learned a lot from each episode.  I will admit that when Pat...
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