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Our latest articles

DFA – Simple Mechanical Assembly Techniques for Plastic Parts

Design for assembly (DFA) is a big subject, and it’s easy to get lost in all the assembly options out there.  In general, though, DFA is the process of designing parts or products with ease of assembly in mind.  This...
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Top 5 Product Development Mistakes to Avoid

Turning an idea into a real, mass-produced product can take anywhere from 6 months to 2 years and can be very costly.  For this reason, we’ve made a list of top product development mistakes to avoid.  Avoiding common...
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Validating Product Ideas: Testing Your Assumptions

You know what happens when you assume?  That’s right! So, before we make a prototype or get into all of the details of creating your product, let’s test those assumptions and avoid making an a** out of you and me. When...
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Guide to Building a Duct Tape Prototype

After interviewing potential customers and doing Problem Research you are ready to move on to Solution Research where you can show potential customers your product mock-ups, 3D models and your first prototypes to get...
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Validating Product Ideas Part 2: Testing Your Solutions

Testing prototypes should be an ongoing process during the development phase.  The first prototype should rarely be the last. Before we get started, let’s answer a stupid question:  Why test a prototype? To refine...
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Engineering Design_1

How to Hire for Engineering Design

To get your product mass produced efficiently, you really need to hire for engineering design. Finding the right engineer to design for functionality, ergonomics, look and feel, manufacturing, and assembly will not be...
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How to Take Your Concept Sketches to 3D Models (No Sweat).

Taking your idea concepts from sketches to 3D models doesn’t have to be difficult.  In the beginning stage of developing your product, the process is about testing your ideas.   Here I will share with you, in 4 easy...
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Set SMART Goals

Bringing an idea to life takes a lot of hard work.  As we all know with New Year’s resolutions, setting goals is the easy part.  Setting SMART goals which ARE going to be accomplished is the difference between success...
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Top 10 Things to do Before Patenting your Invention

Our interviews with intellectual property and patent attorneys have yielded so much valuable information. If there’s one thing we’ve learned, it’s that independent entrepreneurs, inventors, and product developers can...
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The Importance of a NDA or Non Disclosure Agreement

As we sometimes say “Keep it on the down low”.  You have a great idea!  It’s going to take a lot of hard work to develop that idea into a product so it would be a shame to have it stolen.  That’s where an NDA or Non...
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How to Fund Your Startup or Small Business

In our 25 years in the Injection Molding industry in Texas, we have worked with many entrepreneurs with incredible ideas that just never got off the ground. Ultimately, lack of funding and planning was the biggest...
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SPI Mold Classification Guide_1

Mold Classifications and why you need to know them

Just like restaurants, not all molds are the same. Knowing a little about SPI mold classifications will help you choose, as it were, between the burger and the rib-eye. Before 1978 these mold classifications didn’t...
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10 Things to Do Before Hiring a Plastic Mold Maker Part 1

Hiring a plastic mold maker and having tools made is a lot less scary when you start with the right information. Molds can be very complex and expensive. After the tools are produced, they are basically set in stone—or...
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Manufacturing Terms for Product Developers

Essential Manufacturing Terms

Learning and using manufacturing terms is important for product developers to define processes.  In manufacturing, process is the road-map to keeping the promises we are making to potential customers:  delivering...
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Plastic Mold Build Walk-through

Have you ever wanted to know what happens after you sign the contract to build your first plastic mold? Let’s go through it step-by-step with a plastic mold build walk-through. The Quote Based on your DFM CAD and PRD...
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SPI Mold Finish Guide

Today let’s take a look at the SPI mold finish guide and guidelines, so you can understand why they’re important and what their limitations are. This, of course, is just a primer. You need to discuss SPI mold polish...
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